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  • Testimonial Ferrous Buehler

    Excelent Literature Management

    Ferrous Buehler - Books Gallery Plugin

    We were looking for a way to manage all our literature in one place so we didn’t have to upload a new file and update links in 100 different places. This plugin lets you do that by just adding a new “external” link to the literature and it will then update everywhere you have the literature on your site.

  • Testimonial Greg Penn

    Great gallery plugin for FREE

    Greg Penn - Books Gallery Plugin

    Great gallery plugin for FREE eBook PDF downloads…that open automatically in PDF reader, integrates into woo commerce if you want to sell books…excellent support offered…eliminates all the cart checkout options that woo commerce requires..makes it easy and quick to download when you integrate it into a Google play store APP.

  • Testimonial M Neely

    Very nice plugin and awesome support

    M Neely - Books Gallery Plugin

    It is rare to have such a great plugin that does all you need it to and nothing more and at the same time have such a kind and patient support option should you run into any problems.

    Hossni and his WordPress Books Gallery plugin are a prime example of what the pinnacle of great programming and a passionate, supportive developer can achieve. I wish you much success in all your endeavors and look forward to what you create for us in the future!